Wire mesh is made by stainless steel and according to the demands of the project, the type of stainless steel to be used (AISI 304, AISI 326, AISI317). The properties of the wire mesh products can be precisely pre-determined through combination of the individual mesh specifications which include the mesh quality, the transparency percentage, the wire thickness, the pitch, the mesh opening, and the mesh thickness.

Wire mesh has a textile-like structure, supple and adaptable, yet at the same time durable and robust. It can be flexibly formed into a “veil” for whole buildings, walls, ceilings or floors. One moment a transparent membrane, the next it is a solid wall reflecting the lights and colors of its surroundings. Like a veil, it keeps on revealing new perspectives of what it is concealing. At the same time, its stainless steel gives the filigree mesh structure immense strength and durability. The material is practically maintenance-free, has an almost unlimited service life and is completely recyclable.

Suitable for commercial buildings, villas, hotels, shopping malls and showrooms, etc.