Raised Access Floors create a new space with the same surface as the room where interventions take place, while the height is defined by the Architect according to his customer’s needs. The experience has shown that raised flooring allows reducing the costs of office building down to 15% by obtaining smaller building interventions, faster delivery times and lower maintenance. Raised access floors are modular and interchangeable floor panels supported by an understructure system. They are usually installed on a floor concrete slab. The floor panels are removable and interchangeable, therefore allowing easy access to all electrical and networking services underneath the floor.
Raised access floors can have any top finish the Architect desires: laminate parquet, engineering parquet, carpet tiles, ceramic tiles, marble, PVC or vinyl, etc. The floors are made by 3 types of core base (chipboard, calcium sulphate, steel cement) according to the use or specifications for the intended project.

Suitable for office buildings and, generally, for areas that access below the floor is required.