Unique – Durable and Fresh! The principle of a stretch ceiling consists in placing a PVC or aluminium shape around the sides of the ceiling into which a length of fabric will be stretched. The dimensions of the room are first measured, then all the elements are tailor-made in the factory. The ceiling expert will later come and install the ceiling.

The advantages of this system, over traditional painting, are numerous: the operation generally only takes a half a day and does not cause any damage or any disturbance. In addition, the Stretch Ceiling offers quite significant advantage both, in terms of appearance (shapes, colours, finishes, addition of spot lights, etc) and in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as it is the best solution in areas with high levels of humidity. The ceiling provides the opportunity to print anything you desire, it is a value-for-money solution and will last for a long time comparing to other ceilings.

Suitable for houses, shops, showrooms, bathrooms and spa areas, hotels, offices, etc.