Architectural Latticework is ideal for application to interiors and facades. They can be used to provide depth, to separate areas, to filter sunlight or, simply, to decorate interiors and exteriors with a wide range of available finishes. Depending on the requirements of the project, there are different materials to be used such as, metal, phenolic plywood boards, special DM panels, expanded polypropylene panels, MDF, HDF, marine plywood, etc. The large scale pieces are good for less joints and easier installation. They also help to maximize the freedom of design where the case involves the Architect for a custom made design.
Lattice panels can be painted in any RAL colour and treated for external use. In some occasions, the Lattice can have a matte or satin finish (RAL and NCS range) and in metallic paint (RAL colour range). The expanded polypropylene panels are pigmented during manufacture (not painted) and are available in a limited range of colours.

Suitable for hotels, commercial buildings, domestic buildings, bars and restaurants.