Contract Carpets: With their perfectly drawn designs, Axminster carpets belong to the top segment of the market. Their quality is made of wool (80%) and polyamide (20%). Wool allows for marvelous colour combinations while polyamide increases the solidity of the carpet.
We offer a standard range in standard colours, which is always available. Yet, according to project, we can create personalized designs and colours together with the customer and his architect. The ultramodern production equipment of our producers is at the very bottom of our flexibility.

Suitable for the top segments of the contract market, i.e. hotels, cruise ships and luxury commercial areas.

Residential Carpets: fitted carpets of excellent quality and different types such as tufted, loop-pile, woven, needled-punched, in a variety of colours, designs and treatment, i.e. teflon, antiodor, etc. A wide price range of prices according to the carpet’s specifications to meet any budget.

Suitable for domestic use and light to medium commercial use.