The laminate floor is produced by the CPL method, i.e. continuous pressure laminated on a base of HDF and a layer of decorative melamine. CPL makes floor hard to wear, scratch and burn resistant. It doesn’t stain and it is colour fastened.
It comes in a variety of plank finishes and wood effects, like beech, oak, cherry, etc. Also, the patented SAS+ system offers 50% reflected and 30% transmitted sound reduction. The Twin Click System and 1Click2Go guarantee lifetime joint perfection. More technology on our laminate parquet guarantees a lifetime Anti-Static effect and it is suitable for laboratories and computer rooms. Finally, they are suitable for under-floor heating and they carry a long term guarantee, from 15 to 25 years, according to their specifications.

Suitable for domestic use with heavy utilization and commercial use with moderate and high utilization.