They offer good sun-proof or they can be completely blackout, as well as being thermal insulating at the same time. There are 4 main types of blinds: Venetian, Roller, Wooden, and Vertical; all available in a variety of colors, designs and sizes.

Roller Blinds: are now firmly established as the most highly developed shading system for the contemporary needs and requirements of the home or the workplace. In addition to their detailed design and state of the art mechanical parts, roller blinds offer great possibilities for aesthetically pleasing interior decoration combined with total solar protection.

Venetian Blinds: are among the first shading systems to have been scientifically designed. Continuous development over a series of decades has brought them to their present perfected form.

Wooden Blinds: wood is the material that nature itself offers in order to add quality and give character to a room. The use of wooden blinds ensures harmony of colour in all indoor spaces in addition to providing effective shading. The very large range of colours and natural wood hues makes it extremely easy to choose your wooden blinds according to your furnishings.

Vertical Blinds: is a very functional and highly practical and effective shading system.
They protect from the sun while at the same time providing full visual access to the outdoors. Their presence in the room is a discreet way of controlling and regulating the amount of sunlight entering the room.

Rods: a decorative element which gives aesthetic substance to the support of any curtain.
The huge variety of curtain rods is made of brass, wood, iron, nickel, matt nickel, bronze, rusted, crystal, porcelain. With their accessories, they offer a broad range of choices and applications for all spaces. A necessary complement to each room of the house it is often difficult to decide how best to hang them. Curtain rods are a useful and practical choice. Attractive solutions are provided for both simple and more specialized cases such as polygonous windows or openings on curved walls.

metal and aluminium curtain rails are an essential supplement for all curtains and are necessary to ensure the right fit and function. Depending on the shape of the opening for which metal curtain rails are required, the rails can be straight, polygonal or curved.

Specialized areas such as the rooms of hospitals, clinics, laboratories, theatres, art galleries, hotels, schools, or homes naturally need a specific type of rail to be fitted.
The right choice of rail system is certainly extremely important in order to make sure that the rails will ensure smooth and easy movement of the curtains.

Suitable for flats and houses, shops and showrooms, bars and restaurants, hotels, etc.