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Floor Protection – New Entry

There is a New Entry in our Product Range starting in spring 2017, a product we liked and we believe is so useful for serious and important construction sites; Floor Protection.

The idea behind floor protection is exactly what the term defines: protecting installed floorings. Despite if it’s a new construction or a renovation, floorings are fragile in scratches and general damages due to the use by many technicians during their work. Ladders and other tools and equipment are standing or passing by the floors and they can get easily damaged.
Our products are especially for these cases: temporary surface protection films used during construction, maintenance or even for events and Expo’s.
We offer a wide range of self-adhesive films for floorings – plus one model for windows – anti slip non wovens and numerous other products for the temporary protection of floorings like carpets, laminate parquets, wooden floors, natural stone floors, ceramic tiles, PVC and vinyl, stairs, etc. Our Dutch supplier expands its product range constantly, while evaluating and improving the current one.