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Vicoustic – Martin Garrix

Vicoustic – our main collaborator in Acoustic Treatment – is one of the most dynamic companies in the World, providing solutions for improving room acoustics. In 2015, acclaimed Studio Designer Jan Morel has selected Vicoustic Acoustic Treatment for the design of Top DJ and Producer Martin Garrix’s new studio.

Martin Garrix was listed #3 in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ list back then, but he is this year’s #1 DJ in the World, best known for his break through track “Animals“ from 2013 which rose to the top-ten position in over ten countries. Jan Morel is the first call studio designer and pro audio consultant. He is a leading expert in complete studio designs and known for always selecting the right gear and best acoustic treatment for his clients.

Martin Garrix approached Morel with the wish that he wanted his new place equipped and treated in the best way possible. Jan Morel got to work, measured the room to find out what suits best in design and sound. Then he selected and used the panels he personally liked and created some new and unique combinations like stand-alone bass traps in Garrix’s studio.

Martin Garrix is super excited and finds his new place “looking extremely beautiful and great sounding“!!

For more information on Acoustic products, please consult a member of our personnel.