Expanded mesh is a robust metal material. In terms of its mechanical strength, it can support even very heavy loads with the proper fixings and reinforcement. Perfect for solid safety and protection barriers. Also suitable for fencing and parapets. The appropriate finishes (e.g. varnishing, galvanising or anodising) prolong the life of the mesh. The apertures in the expanded mesh let in light, create aesthetic effects and allow for communication on either side. In schools, offices and workplaces in general, daylight makes for comfort and higher productivity. The open shape of expanded mesh also makes it suited to applications that require ventilation and the free passage of air, such as in parking facilities, utility rooms or transit areas.
Expanded mesh is a unique material that is both transparent and yet capable of providing shade all at the same time thanks to its particular three-dimensional conformation. This characteristic makes it ideal for innovative screening solutions for the regulation of sunlight: the shade provided is greatest when the sun is at its highest, while the frontal opening of the mesh maximizes the amount of daylight and leaves the view open to the world outside. This makes rooms brighter and cooler at the same time.

Suitable for commercial buildings, domestic buildings, entertainment areas, hotels and factories.