Acoustics is part of daily life and in the recent years there has been a significant attention in room acoustics. The importance of room acoustics is great; improving the sound in a room it simultaneously improves the quality of life by giving a more pleasant sound environment in the area we live in, work in or entertaining. In professional areas such as music and broadcasting, it is very important to create the perfect sound because, any failure on this can create big problems to the sound to be broadcasted (TV and Radio) or recorded (Recording Studios, Films Production, TV and Radio).
Acoustic products include mainly sound absorption and sound insulation materials, but these vary according to the needs, requirements or even problems of the project. Nevertheless, the 5 main categories are:

  1. Absorbers
  2. Diffusers
  3. Bass Traps
  4. Vibration Control
  5. Sound Proofing

According to the acoustics study of the Acoustics Engineer, we can offer the right materials for the right job, submit their technical specifications, suggest areas of fitting and, generally, get involved with the professional from the start of the project until the delivery. Our Acoustic products are always a combination between high specifications and high aesthetics, two points that please the Architects during designing and execution.

Suitable for houses, radio and TV channels, recording studios, theatres, cinemas, office and working areas, etc.