Urban Furniture, also called Street Furniture, they are objects and pieces of equipment installed along streets and roads for various purposes. But, generally, this is just a term – not a rule, because these objects can also be installed in hotels, commercial buildings, houses, etc.

Urban Furniture includes amongst others, benches, bollards, waste receptacles, planters, bike stands, fountains, tree guards, etc. The design and placement of furniture takes into account aesthetics, visual identity, function, pedestrian mobility and road safety.

Our urban furniture cover 2 categories: light construction with the main materials being aluminium, metal and wood, and the heavy construction that are made with stone and a special concrete reinforced patented material. All our products are Italian design and production and they are available in different colors and combination of materials. When you look at them you realize that these products are not just plain objects but, most of them, they are a real piece of art.